Great For Babies To Move From Traditional To Baby Led Weaning

“Let me give you 5 reasons why you should offer your child one 1. Allows Chewing Practice 2. Helps Baby Transition To Solids 3. Encourages Self-Feeding 4. Soothes Sore Teething Gums 5. Keeps Babies and Toddlers Busy Which one do I recommend ? @BeeBabyindia food and fruit convenient silicone nibbler is a simple way to give your child all the nutrients of real food without the risk of choking.”



Love It!

“This sipper has a amazing quality which is also 100% BPA free. It is extremely light weighted which encourages kids to feed on their own and is easy to carry and spill proof with sturdy design.
It also has colour options.”

Heena Dhedhi


Very Useful

“We love the fact that the bottle doesn’t leak inspite of being thrown around and it’s easy for my 18 month old to hold and carry around .”

Ritu R


Highly Recommend The Product

“They say the two main ways to keep your kids healthy is to make sure . 1) they get lots of exercise. . 2) they drink lots of water. . . With Kaveer excercise is not a problem, if I tie him to his booster chair with all the belts on, I think he will still end up running lifting that booster chair. . And Water, we are working on that. Keeping a daily count on the amount of water he should be drinking. These sippy cups from @beebabyindia are excellent for that. Kaveer loves both the sippy cup as well as the straw sipper. They are super comfortable to hold with their unique handle style..”

Mom Musings


Recommended For Babies

“Have been using this cup for my toddler for last one month and he loves this the most these days… as you know kids can even run with their glass of water and what I like the best about this cup is it’s 100 percent leak proof… I’ve tried keeping it upside down for 15 minutes and not even a single drop of water leaks out… (see, I told you it’s best for 🐵 babies 😂) .”

Ekta MK


This Is The Best Product For Baby

“Today I am going to review my very favorite product which I am using currently for anika. Literally I changed 3 sippers for her and my search end here. It’s non spill proof sipper.
. .
I came across this non spill proof sipper from @beebabyindia and I am so happy to see that she enjoys it and it’s hard spout so easy to drink water. . . 👉 It’s attractive, available in many colour combinations.
👉It’s BPA free and spill proof.
👉 It has a twin handle which makes the grip better.
👉Hard spout sipper which let’s the liquid flow smoothly.
👉Travel friendly.
👉Reasonably priced.”